Printable Play Money for Kids

One of the best ways for children to learn is through playing. It is a very subtle way of teaching a child.

You can take advantage of this by using play to teach kids about finances. Using printable fake money for kids you can introduce them to the idea of costs and saving.

I often use play money in my daughter’s restaurant and pay her for the food that I cook. She is definitely getting the better end of the deal here. Here are some places for printable play money for kids.

Realistic Play Money

These sites have printable play money that looks realistic. This allows your child to gain an understanding of what each bill looks like without having to play with your real money which could end up not being a good thing.  Each site allows you to print multiple copies of bills on each sheet.

Put in Your Own Face

This money allows you to put your own face in a dollar bill. It basically just provides the money template with the President face cut out so that it is an empty space. Then you can use Microsoft Word, Power Powerpoint or some other program to add your face into the picture. Includes videos on how to make your own play money as well.


This play money for kids is money that does not attempt to look realistic. It has templates of dinosaur money and money with smiley faces on it. Also includes videos on making your own play money.


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